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Deliver personalized remote training and enablement to your employees, customers, and partners—so you can onboard at scale and grow revenue.

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Intellum reaches over 500,000 learners in application software companies including

If Any of The Following Sound Familiar,You Need Intellum

  • You struggle with learners who abandon training.
  • You need a learning platform that can help you onboard partners at scale.
  • You wish you could assign content by categories like role, product, or persona.
  • Reporting on customer and partner certification completion is too time consuming.
  • You have no central repository for all education, training, and reference content.
  • You need to continuously enable employees, customers, and partners.
  • You’d like the ability to quickly share content across audiences.
  • It’s hard to keep all training quality consistent.
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The Intellum Organizational Platform Is
Way More Than an LMS

Lots of application software companies discover Intellum while searching to buy a learning management system (LMS) they can use to train customers, employees, and partners.

But what they don’t realize is that their competitors have moved away from using old-fashioned LMSes in favor of modern solutions, like organizational education platforms (OEP), that are highly personalized, scalable, and far more engaging.

The Difference Is Clear
Learning Management System (LMS)
Organizational Education Platform (OEP)
  • Static
  • Generic
  • Boring
  • Built for one audience
  • Not scalable
  • Poorly maintained
  • Interactive
  • Highly personalized
  • Engaging
  • Built for multiple audiences
  • Scalable
  • Regularly updated

Better Learner Experience = Better Business Results

If your learners rush through training to “check the box”—or abandon training midway through—they likely need integrated education. This is different from the basic training they may be used to.

If your customers and partners don’t enjoy, or find value in, the product education you provide, retention is minimal and course competition rates are low. This puts you at risk for higher customer churn as your users won’t get the expected product value.

Whether it’s a product onboarding course, a video series, live instructor-led training, or an in-depth certification, one thing’s for sure: Learner Experience impacts results.

Course Completions Rise

When users feel like the learning experience was built especially for their individual needs, they’re more likely to come back to the platform more often because training feels fun and valuable.

Customer Sentiment Improves

Humans are social creatures who seek connection with others. Intellum figured out how to make social and community learning part of the training platform, so your different audiences want to spend more time with you—building brand affinity.

Reporting is a Breeze

Say good-bye to cumbersome, manual data collection. With Intellum, reporting on course and certification completions is easy as 1-2-3.

Learning is Scalable

Typically, as training programs grow, administration needs grow, too. But our automation functionality and advanced user permissioning supports that growth so your admin team stays lean—no matter how many learners you add.

Desired Outcomes Are Achieved

Faster customer onboarding. Decreased support costs. Increased partner success. Improved completion rate. Whatever your desired outcome, when you partner with Intellum, the sky’s the limit.

With Intellum You Can Create and Manage a Wide Range of Content For All of Your Audiences and Roles—In a Single Destination.

UI examples of the Intellum platform. Highlighting personalization, awards and notifications in the platform

Evolve: Intuitive Content Authoring Tool

Create e-Learning courses from inside the platform without forcing the user to open a separate browser tab.

Fifty powerful building blocks called Evolve Interactions let you combine flip cards, carousels, flow charts, sliders, interactive video, and more to deliver a highly engaging Learner Experience.

Extensions: Social and Gamified Experiences

Want the ability to create content outside of the Evolve authoring tool?

Extensions enable you to  build engaging educational experiences. Learners enjoy social collaboration, real-time chat, and gamified experiences.

Certification Program Solution

Create and deliver certification programs.

Intellum is an all-in-one solution for authoring, presenting, managing, tracking, and continuously improving every aspect of a certification program—including live proctoring.

Social Engagement Tool

Harness all the best features of social media, right inside the Intellum Platform.

Encourage users to share links, files,  polls, etc. to drum up learning excitement. Like traditional social tools, users can comment, add hashtags, and react. Best of all, it’s fully trackable—so you gain insight into user behavior and popular posts.

Ultra-Modern Virtual Event Solution

Host virtual and hybrid events of any size right inside the Intellum platform.

Build agendas. Share live and on-demand content. Facilitate networking. Drive engagement with gamification and prizes. Allow sponsors to host virtual booths. Track, report on, and share activity data.

What Our Clients Say

"Our worst completion rate now is what our highest completion rate used to be!"

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Sarah Green Toews
Director Enablement and Engagement at IDeaS
UI examples of the Intellum Platform.

TRY IT OUTExplore the Intellum Platform

Most companies force you to request a demo to see their software. But we’re not most companies. Click the button to see a homepage built on the Intellum training platform.

Customer StoryMindbody

Mindbody used the Intellum platform to build out certifications and to create learning paths and lessons for customers who don’t want—or need—to go through a full certification.

User interface example from Mindbody's instance on the Intellum Platform

Train and Enable Your Customers, Employees, and Partners at Scale. Reach Your Desired Outcomes.