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Napo in… Robots at work

In his new adventures, Napo, the prevention mascot, addresses occupational risks related to robotics technologies.


Developments in automation technology, in particular fixed robots, collaborative robots and exoskeletons, can improve work conditions, but they can also be the source of occupational risks, particularly for production and maintenance operators.
Focusing specifically on the design of work places and work organisation can better prevent these risks.
Educational and humorous, the four videos in the Napo in… Robots at work series present the main robotics technologies, the related types of accidents, the main hazards and some solutions to prevent the risks.

Napo, the prevention mascot

Napo is the hero in a series of animation films made by a consortium of the main European occupational safety and health bodies: INRS, AUVA (Austria), DGUV (Germany), CIOP (Poland), INAIL (Italy), Suva (Switzerland),  TNO (Nederlands), European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA).
Napo films can be viewed on the INRS Youtube channel. They can also be seen and downloaded at Napofilm.net.


Last update on 17/01/2022