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INRS productions are intended to be used by companies and different OSH players as a framework and practical support for preventing occupational risks.

INRS’s offering is dynamic to cater as well as possible to the needs of companies: brochures, posters, periodicals, audiovisual and multimedia products as well as a website. It comprises over 2,000 information products covering all fields related to occupational health and safety and targeting companies and their employees, occupational physicians, researchers, the Labour Inspectorate, etc.


Major changes in the information world, in particular digital developments and the emergence of new uses, require that the information needs and specificities of each target be taken into account, but also that the visibility of the offering be improved so that it can be accessed and used by all those concerned.


Raising the awareness of a wide audience is part of INRS’s activities. This awareness-raising takes the form of information campaigns, public relations and also participation in conferences and trade shows.

Last update on 17/05/2017