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You’re on a mission to create greater impact. YouTube can help.
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Trygve Thorson, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières

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From the beginning, we’ve always believed in the power of video storytelling to make a difference. It helps us feel deeply connected to a cause and empowered with knowledge to take action on issues we care about. YouTube is the place you can find an audience, join a community, and create impact, both online and off. People and organizations who are committed to driving positive social change belong here.

Reach a global audience.

Reach a global audience.

1.5 billion people come to YouTube every single month. That’s the equivalent of one in every five people around the world. Amplify your cause by bringing it to the largest viewing audience in the world.

Drive empathy.

Drive empathy.

Video storytelling on YouTube creates empathy for your cause—the first important step to move people in your community to take action.

Engage new supporters.

Engage new supporters.

Whether you need help raising money or spreading the word, YouTube provides powerful tools and resources to get the next generation of supporters involved in your mission.

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