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Podcasting on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for podcasts, with a vast global audience of over 2 billion active users. Podcasts on YouTube help creators expand their reach and build their community while providing monetization opportunities. Podcasts are also available in the YouTube Music app, so your audience can keep listening or watching on the go.


Creators pictured clockwise from top: Nick Viall, Jay Shetty, Jay Williams

Podcasting on YouTube Podcasting on YouTube

Why YouTube?

YouTube has a lot to offer podcasters that are new to YouTube and YouTube creators who want to add podcasts to their programming.

Why YouTube? Why YouTube?


Reach an incremental and global audience via our search and discovery systems. Build an engaged community.

Why YouTube? Why YouTube?


Earn with our suite of ad monetization solutions. Go beyond ads with tools like Channel Memberships and Shopping.

Why YouTube? Why YouTube?

Podcast Analytics

Use Podcast Analytics to gain insights about your audience and their preferences, so you can optimize your podcast content.

"On YouTube, it feels like I’m talking with you, not at you–I’m addressing you 1:1. You’re not a fly on the wall, which is how it might feel on other platforms."

Bailey Sarian

Bailey Sarian Bailey Sarian

"On YouTube, it feels like I’m talking with you, not at you–I’m addressing you 1:1. You’re not a fly on the wall, which is how it might feel on other platforms."

Bailey Sarian

Increase your podcast's reach with video

Video allows more intimacy with your audience, benefits accessibility through body language and lip reading, and allows you to get creative with visual storytelling elements. Our analysis found that podcasts on YouTube with video–particularly those featuring hosts on camera–are performing better than podcasts with just static visuals. Don’t want to be on camera? Don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to turn audio into video.

*Source: Google data, U.S., Jan 2020 - June 2021. Based on the top 10% of videos by watch time with “podcast” in their title. Classification as podcast videos was based on public data such as headlines. As such, it may not account for every such video available on YouTube.

80% 80%


of the top-watched videos feature hosts on video

2x more views 2x more views

2x more views

for videos that featured hosts on video compared to those that used a static visualization

Promote your podcast

Let your audience know where they can find your podcast! Follow these guidelines to use the badges on your marketing materials and website.

Frequently asked questions

Within YouTube Studio, click Create > New podcast.

Enter in the details for your show. Make sure to include the following:

  • Podcast title
  • Podcast description
  • Visibility (Public or Private)
  • Square podcast thumbnail

Select Create to save

Get Creator Tips for podcast discovery

You'll need to set your playlist as a podcast in YouTube Studio.

  • Within YouTube Studio, go to the Content tab and select Playlists.
  • Hover over the playlist you want to designate as a podcast.
  • Click on the Menu and select ‘Set as podcast.’
  • Review your podcast’s details and add a square thumbnail image. Podcast details include title, description, and who can view your podcast on YouTube.
  • Click Yes to confirm your changes.

Podcasts on YouTube are eligible for current and upcoming podcast features, including:

  • Inclusion in the YouTube Music app.
  • Your podcast videos will be more likely to be discovered or recommended to people who are interested in podcast content.
  • Your podcast will have a special “Podcast” badge on the Watch and Playlist page.
  • We’ll show a link to your podcast from the Watch page, so that people can more easily find other episodes.
  • Your podcast may be eligible to be featured on youtube.com/podcasts for easy discovery.
  • Your podcast may be eligible for an Official Search Card.

Now, you can monitor your podcast’s performance with new dedicated podcast analytics available in YouTube Studio. With podcast analytics, you will be able to see the following metrics:

  • Views
  • Watchtime
  • Average view duration
  • Key moments for audience retention
  • Traffic sources
  • Top content
  • Yes! To get started, within YouTube Studio select Create > New podcast
  • A dialog will pop up allowing you to either create a podcast, set an existing playlist as a podcast, or submit your RSS feed. Select Submit RSS feed and you’ll be guided through the upload process.
  • For more information, see our Help Center

Visit our help center to find more answers to frequently asked questions about creating podcasts on YouTube.