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Get help from @TeamYouTube on Twitter

TeamYouTube, YouTube’s support and education team, delivers timely updates and answers to creators, viewers, and paid subscribers on Twitter @TeamYouTube. Here’s a little more about us:

  • Our handle is monitored around the clock starting on Mondays at 9 AM PT until Friday at 5 PM PT.
  • Our team shares updates and answers questions in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Japanese, Indonesian, Arabic, and Hindi.
  • While we do our best to monitor questions and requests for support that tag other official YouTube handles like, @YouTube or @YouTubeCreators, the quickest way to get help is by tagging @TeamYouTube.

Learn more about @TeamYouTube on Twitter

What should I include when reaching out to @TeamYouTube?

If you’re tweeting publicly, don’t include any personally identifiable information, such as your email address, phone number, or credit card details just to name a few.

When tagging @TeamYouTube for help, make sure to include relevant info like:

  • Channel or video URL.
  • Screenshots of the particular issue or topic as you’re seeing it.
  • The device you’re using, like an iPhone.
  • Screenshot of your Stats for Nerds if you’re having trouble with YouTube TV.

Are there situations @TeamYouTube can’t help with?

There are some situations where @TeamYouTube can’t help:

  • Issues happening on a non-Google product, like Amazon Fire Stick or Roku, or other service.
  • Copyright disputes with a rightsholder.
  • Legal disputes.
  • Reactivating or removing Google AdSense accounts.
  • If your channel has been hacked, reach out to Creator Support.
  • You disagree with a policy decision.

I have an issue with a YouTube paid product, can @TeamYouTube help?

You can reach out to @TeamYouTube on Twitter for quick questions or feedback related for paid products.

For the support issues unique to your account or memberships, it’s best to get in touch with YouTube Support via email, phone, or chat for paid products since those may require personal information like your phone number or email. This could include questions related to

  • Billing
  • Adding or removing packages
  • Managing a subscription
  • Forgotten passwords and account lockouts
  • Channel terminations that have already been appealed

You can get in touch with YouTube Support in the links below:

Need help with a refund?

@TeamYouTube can’t help with refunds, but for many products, you can start them yourself. Here’s some more info about paid product refunds.

Are there other YouTube handles?

Yes, other official YouTube handles include:
  • @YouTube
  • @YouTubeCreators
  • @YouTubeTV
  • @CreatorLiason
  • @YTCretadores
  • @YTCriadores
  • @YTCreatorsIndia
  • @YTCreatorsJapan
  • @YTCreatorsDe
  • @YouTubeIndia
  • @YouTubeJapan
  • @YouTubeLATAM
  • @YouTubeMusic
  • @YouTubeInsider

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