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How to use moderation tools

As a moderator, you’ll help review and manage comments people leave on a video or the messages participants send during a stream’s live chat. You’ll remain a moderator for the channel until the creator removes you.

  1. Go to YouTube.com. 
  2. In the top-right corner, click Search and enter the channel name to access the watch page. 
  3. Select your Livestream to enter the Live Chat. 
  4. Click settings next to the message or comment to select a moderation action. You can also hold down the Control + Alt keys to pause chat.

There are two types of moderators: a standard moderator and managing moderator. A standard and managing moderator can:

  • Go to channel:  You can learn about a live chat participant before taking a moderation action by going directly to their channel.
  • Remove: You can remove any inappropriate or potentially abusive or offensive content. When you delete a message, it’s permanently removed from the live chat with any replies.
  • Put user in timeout : You can temporarily prevent someone from sending messages in live chat. When you put someone in time out, they can’t send messages for 5 minutes.
  • Hide user from this channel:  When you hide someone from the channel, their chat messages and comments will no longer be visible to other viewers. YouTube doesn't tell the person that you've hidden them. 
  • Review potentially Inappropriate messages:  You can show or hide comments or messages that have been held for review based on your community settings. 

Note: Managing moderators don’t have access to the Live Control Room or YouTube Studio. Managing moderators can’t assign other moderators.

Live chat Participants

In live chat, icons and colors are used to visually identify certain participants. More than 1 icon can appear next to someone’s username at a time.

Icon Meaning
Creator / channel owner
Creator with a verified account
Participant with a verified account
Channel member
Channel moderator

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