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How to use moderation tools

A moderator is someone a creator trusts to help build a positive, safe channel experience for their community. A moderator helps review and manage comments people leave on a video or the messages participants send during a stream’s live chat.

Want to choose moderation settings for your channel? Learn more.

Using moderation tools

On your phone or tablet: Tap a message and select an action from the options that appear.

On your computer:

  • Hover your mouse over a message, then click Menu︙ to select an action, or
  • Hold down the Control + Alt keys to pause chat, then hover over a message and select from the buttons that appear

What you can moderate

Live chat

Everyone who participates in a live chat can report or block another person. Moderators can:

  • Delete messages. Deleting is a way for you to remove any inappropriate or potentially abusive or offensive content. When you delete a message, it’s permanently removed from the live chat and its replay.
  • Put participants in time out. Time outs allow you to temporarily prevent someone from sending messages in live chat. When you put someone in time out, they won’t be able to send messages for 5 minutes.
  • Hide people from the channel. Hiding is often reserved for participants who ignore guidelines and warnings, and repeatedly send inappropriate messages. When you hide someone from the channel, their chat messages and comments will no longer be visible to other viewers. YouTube doesn't notify the person that you've hidden them.
  • Review potentially inappropriate messages. Creators might choose to have YouTube’s system hold potentially inappropriate chat messages for review. Moderators can choose to show or hide each message.

Tip: Moderators can learn about a live chat participant by going directly to their channel.

  • On computer: Hover over a message, click More , and then Go to channel.
  • On mobile: Tap a message, and then Go to channel.


Generally, anyone can leave a comment on a video. Moderators can:

  • Remove comments. This allows you to remove inappropriate or potentially abusive or offensive content. When you remove a comment, it will appear in the creator’s “Held for review” tab where they can replace, report, or permanently delete it.


Who can be a moderator?
Moderators are assigned by the channel owners. You can still add your own comments, participate in live chat, and enjoy YouTube as a viewer.

How long will I be a moderator?
Once you’re added as a moderator, you remain a moderator for the channel until the creator removes you.

What videos and live streams can I moderate?
You’re not just a moderator for a specific video or during the current live stream—you can help moderate the comments for all videos and past and future live chats.

What do the different username icons and colors mean?
In live chat, icons and colors are used to visually identify certain participants. More than 1 icon can appear next to someone’s username at a time.

Icon Meaning
"" Creator / channel owner
"" Creator with a verified account
"" Participant with a verified account
"" Channel member
"" Channel moderator
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