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Events #MentalHealthAwareness: Conversations and communities on Twitter

People turn to Twitter to talk openly about mental health concerns, find community support, empathy and respect.

Events Welcome, Madam President: Front row experience of swearing-in ceremony

Twitter enabled a front row seat for Indians to tune in to President Droupadi Murmu’s swearing-in ceremony

Events #WeMetOnTwitter: How conversations build connections and communities

Over the years, we’ve seen many Twitter connections translate into heartwarming tales of friendship, companionship, marriage & business partnership. These #WeMetOnTwitter stories are worth being told.

Events Celebrating women changemakers in India contributing to the #GlobalGoals

Twitter India and Sayfty Trust’s efforts to drive greater participation from women in conversations relating to #SDGs with inclusion and safety as paramount.

Events Here are the #BestOfTweets 2021

This year, we saw so many brands do ground-breaking work on Twitter that left a mark on consumer’s hearts and minds. Here’s our annual look back at the brands that kept Twitter timelines buzzing.

Events Here’s How India Came Together in 2021, #OnlyOnTwitter

In 2021, connection was more important than it’s ever been. Through the highs and lows this year, people turned to Twitter to find solace in conversation. Here’s a look at top Twitter moments.

Events #CricketTwitter gets bigger and bolder with new global campaign

Over the years, Twitter has changed and redefined the way people experience sports. Raising the game further, this year we launched a global campaign to celebrate #CricketTwitter.

Events Experience the Tokyo Olympics firsthand on Twitter, go #TeamIndia!

Twitter is where the Tokyo Olympics conversation will unfold, with 59% more people Tweeting daily about sport in 2021 compared with 2020.

Events #IndiaFightsCorona on Twitter: Tweets on medical help increase by 1958%

With the onset of the second wave of COVID-19 in India, Twitter emerged as a real-time helpline and an incredibly positive people’s movement to support one another took shape on the service.

Product Twitter adds Indian payment gateway to Tips

Today, Twitter is adding an Indian payment gateway, Razorpay, as an additional payment provider to Tip Jar.

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