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Manage your suspended Premium membership

If you have been away from the country where you purchased your YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium membership for longer than 6 months, YouTube may suspend your membership.

A month before the end of the 6-month period, you’ll be told that your paid membership is going to be suspended unless you sign in from that country again. After 6 months of being away, YouTube will automatically suspend your paid membership and your paid membership benefits will no longer apply.

If you are a family plan manager, the members on your family plan will also lose their paid membership benefits when your account is suspended. If you are an individual on a family plan that you do not manage, your suspended membership will not impact other members on the same family plan.

There are several options for managing a suspended account:

  • Return to your home location and resume your membership.
  • Cancel your membership.
  • Take no action: If your account is suspended and remains in that state for 6 months, we will cancel your paid membership for you. But you may still be billed for your membership during these 6 months if you take no action. See below for details on how your billing will be impacted.

Billing for suspended accounts

Depending on how you signed up for your paid membership, you may continue to be billed for your suspended membership.

  • If you are billed by Google billing, your monthly billing will automatically stop when your account is suspended.
  • If you are billed by Apple for your paid membership, you will continue to be billed every month. But you cannot access your paid membership benefits until you return to your home location. You can either resume your membership by returning to your home location or contacting Apple to cancel. Apple’s own refund policy will apply.

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