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Appeal a YouTube Partner Program suspension or application rejection

If you believe your channel was incorrectly suspended from the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), or your application to join YPP was incorrectly rejected, you have the option to appeal. You may be able to appeal either by creating and submitting a video appeal or by contacting Creator Support from within YouTube Studio.

After submitting your appeal, our teams will respond within 14 days with a decision. If your appeal is successful, we’ll either approve or re-approve your channel for YPP or turn monetization back on within 30 days. If your appeal is rejected, you’ll still be able to re-apply to YPP 90 days after your suspension or application rejection date.

When we review your appeal, your channel will be assessed in its current state. This means you shouldn’t delete videos before submitting your appeal.

Important: You must submit your appeal within 21 days of suspension. This date is also shown in YouTube Studio in your channel’s monetization overview next to the Start Appeal button.

Appeal by video

If eligible to appeal by video, follow these guidelines when creating your video:

Format must be

  • Video only (you should not put any appeal info in the description)
  • Less than 5 minutes long
  • Unlisted
  • Uploaded to the channel you’re appealing, submitted from your account
  • Narrated in a supported language (or feature English subtitles that aren’t auto-generated):
    • Arabic, Bengali, English, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese

Status must be

  • Unlisted
  • New upload

What to include

We want to understand how you create your content, and get a behind-the-scenes look at your process. Your video should:

  1. Include the URL of your channel within the first 30 seconds of your video.
  2. Refer to our program policies (part of our YouTube channel monetization policies). Make sure you address specific parts of the policies and give examples of how your channel follows our guidelines.
  3. Focus on the channel as a whole, not just individual videos that meet our guidelines.
  4. Provide visual examples of how your content was created. Show how you’ve edited or filmed the content, and try to connect what you show in your video appeal to other content on your channel. You can:
    • Show yourself in the video, or provide a voiceover
    • Show how your content was filmed
    • Show how your content was edited
Note: If you're a music artist, show how you create your music and, if relevant, explain how you created your music video with others (i.e. producers, videographers).

Once your video appeal is ready, follow these steps to upload and submit:

  1. Sign into YouTube Studio
  2. Upload your appeal video as unlisted and copy the URL
  3. Go to Earn for your channel monetization overview
  4. Click to start the appeal process
  5. Enter the URL for your unlisted video and click Submit

Appeal with Creator Support

  1. Sign into YouTube Studio
  2. Go to Earn for your channel monetization overview
  3. See the option to Appeal if you think we made a mistake
  4. View the instructions and click Start Appeal to begin the contact process

If the option to appeal with Creator Support doesn't surface in YouTube Studio, reach out to us here.

If you are based in the European Union and disagree with your suspension, there may be additional resolution options available to you. (Routing ID: FWJA)

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