Update your Apple TV

Find out how to check for updates or set Apple TV to update the software for you automatically.

Update your Apple TV automatically

You can set your Apple TV to install new updates automatically when they're available. Go to Settings > System > Software Updates and turn on Automatically Update.

Update your Apple TV manually

  1. Go to Settings > System > Software Updates and select Update Software.
  2. If there's an update, select Download and Install. 
  3. Wait for your Apple TV to download the update. Keep your Apple TV connected and plugged in to power until the update is complete.

After the update has downloaded, your Apple TV will restart, prepare the update and then install it. When the update is complete, your Apple TV will restart again automatically.

Get help

  • If you can’t update your Apple TV, make sure you’re connected to a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network.
  • If the progress bar for the update appears stuck or paused, don’t unplug your Apple TV. Allow more time for the update to complete. If you've been waiting for more than an hour, contact Apple Support before you restart or unplug your Apple TV.
  • If there is an issue during the update, you may see a message that asks you to Reset All Settings or Restart. Try the Restart option first. If you see the same message again, select Reset All Settings.
  • If your Apple TV doesn't turn on once the update has been completed, find out what to do
  • For other issues, contact Apple Support.
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