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Do research

Use the X API to get historical and real-time data points for your next research project.

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Listen to and understand what’s happening on X

Conduct academic research

From social science to computer science, advance nearly any research objective on topics as diverse as the global conversations happening on X.

Solve problems with applied research for NGOs

Use X data to conduct scientific studies that solve problems to impact the mission of your non-profit organization or lab.

Enrich investigative journalism and independent research

Use X data to explore global to local topics and events that can inform projects and publications.

Conduct market research for business

Understand your audience and what they value by uncovering trends and surfacing important conversations on X.


Get started now

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Research under EU Digital Services Act

Qualified research under the Article 40 of the Digital Services Act may apply for X API access. 

Note: this application is only for a narrow subset of EU research related to the DSA. For general academic research, please enroll in one of our X API access tiers.