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Build for the public

Build for people on X, to enhance and improve their experience on the platform.

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Ways to build for people on X

We are opening up our platform to encourage you to build new tools and products that have a positive impact on the public conversation and serve people on X. Specifically, we want to encourage new innovation and development in the following areas: 


Moderate conversations for health and safety

Help improve the health and safety of the public conversation by building content moderation tools and other solutions that help people feel safe and excited to participate in the conversation on X. Build complementary or additive technology to give people a comprehensive choice of tools to control their interactions.

Enable creation and personal expression

Build tools for creators, brands, and individuals who want to extend their reach, express their brand, and connect with people that share their passion. Or broaden the ways people can engage on X like cross-posted content, gamification, or helpful bots.  

Measure and analyze “what’s happening”

Help people measure, analyze, and derive insights from the public conversation or their own content. Understand your audience better, measure the performance and impact of your content, make more informed decisions, and so much more.

Improve community experiences 

X is for everyone, and we want to encourage and empower you to use your expertise to better serve the unique needs of different communities on X. Whether you’re building localized solutions for emerging global markets, or enhancing experiences for growing communities on the platform like gaming or finance, we want everyone to find their place on X.  

Curate and recommend content

Build apps, bots, or other tools that help people discover new content or make new connections. Or build curated and customizable experiences so people see more of the content they care most about.

Impact the greater good

Conduct groundbreaking research, help advance knowledge about public health and the climate crises and build non-commercially for the greater good. 


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