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Twitter at #MWC17: It’s What’s Happening

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Next week Twitter will be in Barcelona for this year’s Mobile World Congress. It’s a massive global event that brings more than 100,000 people together for the latest in mobile technology. The devices at the heart of #MWC17 are also at the heart of Twitter, which connects a growing global audience to what’s happening.

It’s What’s Happening

Whether you want to find out what’s happening in the world of politics, the latest trends during London Fashion Week or what’s happening on the ground at #MWC17, Twitter is the best way to keep up with the things you’re most interested in and passionate about. This is why it is listed as the number 1 News App on the App store in Spain, France, the UK and many other countries.

What people love about Twitter is what we love about it. It’s an open, public and live platform where people get to hear about what’s happening in the world fast. And we don’t only mean breaking news first, we also mean the conversation and memes that often follow global stories everyday.

Live Video

Over the last year we’ve been working to redefine what “live” means on Twitter. We started with Periscope, integrating it into Twitter with the live button and making it easy for anyone to share an experience in real-time. People have transported us to breaking news stories, celebrations and monumental moments. We added to that by offering people the opportunity to make what they share even more immersive with live 360 video.

We have also taken Live Video further by streaming premium content, which combines with the power of Twitter conversation. From the NFL, to 6 Nations rugby games, to market coverage from Bloomberg, you’ll find it live on Twitter. And we’re also bringing more live moments from our content partners, like top-flight football coverage from Sky Sports. All great opportunities for brands to be a part of the moment.

Discovery Mindset

What’s really unique about the people on Twitter is the discovery mindset they have when they come to the platform. They’re on Twitter looking for great content and stories.

A discovery mindset means that people on the platform are more attentive, more responsive and more trusting of the content they see on Twitter in comparison to how they are elsewhere. That’s great news for brands, as it makes for the perfect environment to connect with consumers. In fact, recent neuroscience research results shows that a discovery mindset and video combine very effectively to produce results that massively outperform online norms, making video on Twitter a more effective tool than ever before.

See you at #MWC17

At #MWC17 we’ll have some really exciting content to share with you. We’ll be going live throughout the week. We’ll be working with great creators who will be taking you all over the city. And we’ll be sharing great video stories and daily updates. See you there.

Find us at the Twitter Networking Garden outside Hall 8.

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